• High density storage and rapid throughput.

    Ideal for applications with high product volumes and large batches requiring minimal selectivity.

Drive in racking

Utilise 85% of your cubic capacity

Drive In Pallet Racking gives you high density storage and rapid throughput. By separating your pallets both vertically and horizontally, load crushing and stock damage is minimised. It is ideal for applications with high product volumes and large batches requiring minimal selectivity. Maximum density is achieved as the system is fed and replenished from a single aisle and your headroom, up to 13.5 metres, is fully utilised. The system is designed to be operated using conventional reach or counterbalance trucks.

What is Drive In LIFO Racking?

Drive in racking how to

Drive In Racking is constructed in blocks and loaded from a single operating aisle at the front. It has lanes fitted with pallet support rails running from the front to the rear of the block.

The rails support the pallets on the front to back edges allowing the fork lift truck to drive into the lanes, loading the block from the rear to the front. The racking is then unloaded from the front to the rear giving LIFO "last in, first out" operation.

drive in racking guide


Our drive in racking comes with a range of accessories to improve safety, speed up operation and minimise damage to both stock and the racking system.

Typical pallet racking system

Typical drive in racking lane

Drive in racking lane

load centering for a racking system

Load centering guides

Ensure pallets are quickly and safely located in the system whilst minimising damage to the product or the racking.

guides on a pallet racking system

Fork truck guide rails and entry guides

Allows quicker cycle times whilst avoiding contact between trucks and racking. Limits damage to front uprights.

backstops on a pallet racking system

Pallet backstops

Keeps pallets correctly and safely contained within the system and prevents contact with walls and other items at the rear of the system.

What is Drive Through FIFO Racking?

drive in racking explanation

Drive Through Racking is used where stock rotation is critical. It is Drive In Racking with an aisle at both the front and rear of the block, to ensure FIFO "first in first out" the system is offloaded from one face and replenished from the other.

Special Applications

special high density storage

Convention ISO or Europallets are normally stored in the system, however we are able to design solutions to allow non standard pallets or those with overhanging or irregular loads to be accommodated.

Pallet rail system - low profile

Where there is a need for several storage levels and vertical space is at a premium low profile rails can be installed. These are slimmer than conventional rails and can free sufficient vertical space to accommodate an additional level of storage.

Our Drive In/Drive Through Systems are designed and manufactured at a single modern manufacturing plant where all elements are carried out using the latest manufacturing techniques and under strict quality control.

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