High Density Push Back Racking Solution for Dawson Group at Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio is one of the largest independent producers of speciality Italian breads in the UK and appointed the Dawson Group (www.dawsongroup.co.uk) to design and build a new cold store at its 30,000 square foot facility in North West London.

The constraints of the site meant a high density storage solution was required that would provide a reasonable degree of selectivity combined with rapid throughput.

Working closely with Dawson Group, a Push Back racking solution was designed. This system consists of roller conveyor lanes mounted in a rack structure. Pallets are fed into each lane from the front of the rack. The first pallet is loaded into the rack and then the subsequent pallets are loaded pushing the previous ones back into the rack until the lane is full. As the lanes are inclined towards the front of the rack, loading and offloading is done on the same face. A stop is fitted to the front face of the lane keeping the pallets in place until they are required.

As the first pallet is removed from the lane, the remaining pallets roll to the front face ready to be selected until the lane is empty. This system stores pallets 3 deep, but up to 6 pallets deep can be accommodated. Each roller conveyor lane incorporates 2 electromagnetic speed controllers to regulate the flow of pallets and prevent line pressure. At ground level there are lift up sections, assisted by gas struts, to facilitate cleaning and removal of debris.

Because this system is loaded and offloaded from a single face, throughput matches that of conventional racking thereby minimising hold ups.

As it takes 28 days to bring the cold store down to its operating temperature the Push back Racking had to be installed in a short window at the end of the construction phase to allow handover to the client to happen right on schedule.

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