Mezzanine Floor Extension – XPO Logistics, Bedworth

To increase the area available for order picking at their Bedworth Cold Store, leading international logistics provider XPO Logistics appointed IAW to design and construct an additional mezzanine floor level within an existing 3 tier mezzanine structure by extending the 1st floor area from partial to complete coverage.

Because the structural calculations for the existing mezzanine could not be located, we carried out a detailed survey and prepared new calculations to verify that the new extension could be safely constructed.

Bedworth is an operational cold store working 24/7, so the work had to be carried out at minus 20 deg C. and the site is above the loading and receiving bays. To reduce the impact on operations, Phase 1, drilling the existing steel columns, which needed to be done from ground level took place over a weekend but the remainder of the work was done in normal hours. All materials, including steel sections weighing up to 500 kg had to be brought into the chamber manually, through a 2,500 mm wide door

The floor covers 4,500 sq.ft (420 sq.m) and is designed to carry a loading of 9.6 kN/sq.m (200 lb/sq.ft). It is constructed using 38 mm tongued and grooved particle board supported on cold rolled steel beams. To reflect the lighting below, the boards are backed in white vinyl. On the surface, because of the heavy traffic, they are covered with 4.8 mm oil tempered hardboard to form a sacrificial work surface that can easily be stripped and replaced, whilst preserving the decking.

Pallets are fed on to this part of the mezzanine by fork trucks which lift the pallets on to integral gravity feed lanes at the edge of the floor where they are accumulated 2 pallets deep, prior to offloading with powered or hand pallet trucks. Picked orders are returned to the ground floor via an existing goods lift. All open edges of the floor are fitted with steel mesh security panels.

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