• Product damage reduced to a minimum and cycle times reduced

    This high density system consists of lanes of racking, similar to Drive In, with an electric shuttle running below the storage rail.

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Pallet Shuttle Systems

We specialise in the design and installation of high density storage solutions. For unit loads, they include powered mobile racking, pallet shuttle systems, drive in, push back and narrow aisle pallet racking. For hand loaded applications we provide high rise and multi tier shelving as well as high density mobile shelving. In addition, we design and install mezzanine floors to help you turn underused headroom into productive floor space. We can undertake the integration of other services such as lighting and sprinklers to give you a complete solution from a single source.

What do IAW Logistics Solutions Offer?

We serve a broad range of organisations in diverse sectors from logistics manufacturing, aerospace, food and pharmaceuticals to the public sector. Because we are independent, our advice is completely unbiased. We work with you to clearly identify your requirements considering all relevant functions including space utilisation, stock rotation, goods flow, seasonality, throughput and cycle times. Then, using this information and our expertise, provide a practical and workable system which fully meets your requirements, integrating the best and most cost effective products available.

Why is high density storage critical?

High cost of moving

By fully utilising your existing facilities a high density storage solution could save you the expense and upheaval of moving to larger premises or constructing new buildings. If new premises are essential, it can allow your new development to be smaller and less costly.

Building Costs

Partially due to increases in the cost of land, raw materials and labour the cost of construction is increasing but, importantly, due to the higher standards that are required in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact, including the effect of rainfall dispersal on flooding. See www.breeam.com

Energy costs

The long term trend is upward, representing a significant proportion of operating expense this cost must be controlled or, wherever possible, reduced.

Local Authority Charges

Regardless of economic conditions, these will continue rising either through business rates or more stealthily by other charges such as waste disposal or planning fees. Infrastructure maintenance and the social services driven by demographics will need increased funding. The lion’s share will inevitably be met by business.

Good business practice

Smaller buildings cost less to build, operate more efficiently and have less environmental impact and benefit your bottom line.

What Do We Do with our Existing Equipment?

Wherever possible, we will always redeploy existing, serviceable equipment as a part of the new solution and will advise you on the disposal of materials that cannot be integrated.

What is the Best Method of Funding our New System?

Our area of expertise is giving you the best solution for your individual application. However, there are funding organisations, with whom we have worked previously, who specialise in the financial packages, such as leasing and rental, for this kind of equipment and for all sizes of organisation. After making the introduction, we have no financial interest in any arrangement you may make.


Racking types

Pallet racking system type 1

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Conventional pallet racking systems operated by reach trucks typically utilise around 35% of the available floor space as reach trucks require an operating aisle of around 3 metres and for some operations reasons this is still the correct solution.

racking system lift

Double Deep Pallet Racking

This system utilises trucks with extending forks which allow 2 pallets to be stored one behind another in a single location. It can be applied in operations with small batch sizes. Floor space utilisation increases to between 60% using reach trucks to 70% using narrow aisle trucks. However, for the system to operate efficiently a WMS is necessary.

lift in pallet racking system

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Using an articulated truck reduces the aisle width to around 2 metres which can increase floor space utilisation to 50%. These trucks, having large diameter wheels can be dual purpose as they can operate on less even surfaces outside the warehouse and be used for general pallet movement and loading/offloading vehicle. More sophisticated narrow aisle trucks which are guided by wires embedded in the floor or by guide rails fixed to the floor can operate in aisles as narrow as 1.5 metres and are usually “man up” meaning that the operator and cab rise with the load to the storage location. These machines are often used for picking both full pallets and individual items from a pallet. Whatever your application we will help you decide which machine, if any, is best for you and design the appropriate system.

Mezzanine Floors and Multi Tier Shelving

Mezzanine Floor Upper Level

Utilising your available headroom is the simplest way to maximise the capacity of your building. The most straightforward solution is a platform, with staircase access, constructed above your existing workspace for administration, storage, assembly or kitting operations, with goods transported to and from the upper level by for lift truck.

Mezzanine Floor lift

Simple goods lifts can easily be integrated.

Mezzanine floor

Or more sophisticated, multi station models allowing the good to be accompanied by personnel.

Mezzanine Floor staircase

Using the racking or shelving in your warehouse to support a mezzanine floor can be an economical method of gaining additional space by saving the cost of an independent supporting structure.

Multi Tier or Multi Level Shelving

multi level shelving

Where headroom is available multiple levels of stage can be built within a single structure where the support for the access gangways is provided by the racking structure, the system illustrated is ground + 3 mezzanine levels. We can also integrate other services such as lighting and sprinklers.

Building Regulations

All these structures are subject to Building Regulations and we make the submissions to obtain the necessary approvals on your behalf.

Pallet Shuttle System

This high density system consists of lanes of racking, similar to Drive In, with pallets stored in the depth. However, once pallets are placed in the front position of each lane an electric shuttle running below the storage rail automatically lifts the pallet and takes it into the rack and returns to the face of the rack for the next load. When offloading the rack the process is reversed. The shuttle unit is remote controlled by the fork truck driver and is transferred between lanes, as required. The number of shuttle units needed is determined by the intensity and throughput of the operation. Because the fork truck never enters the rack, product damage is reduced to a minimum and cycle times are reduced. Depending on the make up of your inventory there is no limit to the depth of your racking (between 20 and 30 locations per lane is common. When operating from a single face the system is LIFO (Last In First Out) but it can easily be operated from both sides to give FIFO (First In First Out) operation with guaranteed stock rotation, particularly important for products with a short life or “sell by” date.
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